Informed Consent

Informed Consent

I understand that as a member of the Confident Rider LTD platform, I will have access to and participate in movement sessions in order to improve my current level of health and fitness. I understand that these sessions are not personalised and I assume full responsibility for monitoring myself and my wellbeing during these sessions, as well as assessing my ability to participate.

During this series of movement sessions we may work on one or more of the following:  1) cardio respiratory fitness 2) body composition 3) muscular strength and endurance 4) flexibility 5) sports/ riding performance 7) Holistic Biomechanics based training.

Sessions are taught generally and I understand are not tailored for individual needs, nor am I personally monitored.

Full disclosure policy: Intensity of exercise may vary with type of exercise and level of exertion performed. I understand and assume full responsibility for myself during the movement sessions.

As with any exercise practice, I understand that during movement and exercise practice some complications may arise. It is suggested that I consult my doctor prior to beginning any exercise or movement based training program.

I have read and understand the movement and fitness training procedures and the risks involved.  I agree to follow the policies set forth in this document and the Terms & Conditions and consent to participate in this program.

I also understand that any advice offered through live sessions, in the member’s Facebook group or any other medium associated with the platform are advisory only and I bear the sole responsibility for implementing any suggestions and tips. 

I understand that none of the information provided to me through Confident Rider LTD, or the communications with me as Client, constitutes, or is meant to constitute, professional legal or medical advice of any kind. I understand that none of the advice or coaching I receive should be considered professional medical or legal advice.